The Juneteenth Underground Railroad bike ride

The Juneteenth Underground Railroad bike ride, orchestrated by dedicated Black cyclists and their allies from Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse will explore key locations and landmarks throughout the region that escaped enslaved people relied on along their way to freedom.

Led by bicycle aficionado Karen Rogers, an initial sponsorship comes from EE Pathways, a health and wellness company, and
Operation Go, a 501c3 organization that will support the recruitment of Rochester-area teenagers to help coordinate all associated programs and events leading up to the ride.

Here’s your chance to embark on historical pathways, immerse yourself in empowering keynote speeches celebrating the spirit of exploration and quality health, and relish live entertainment at our transformative pit stops.

“This ride transcends mere exploration; it's a dedicated pledge to advance bicycling equity, empowering Black families with the essential mental, physical, and communal resources needed to navigate their communities--from walkability options to active transportation, I’m excited to guide our community on this journey,” said Rogers.

Come join us in commemorating freedom, fostering unity, and promoting pedal-powered empowerment—a transformative initiative directly impacting the Social Determinants of Health. Leading up to the Juneteenth Underground Railroad bike ride, Rogers and local community partners will invite cyclists to monthly programs, workshops, or events that center health, wellness, educational, social, and environmental issues and resources. Organizations doing the work to fight against the Social Determinants of Health and improving historically misrepresented neighborhoods across the region are encouraged to inquire..